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  • Silk Black Pillow Set with Eye Mask and Scrunchie
  • Silk Silver Pillow Set with Eye Mask and Scrunchie
  • Silk Black Pillow Set in a gift box
  • Silk Silver Pillow Set in a gift box
  • Envelope Closure Design for Pillow
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Blissful Silk Comfort Set

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Introducing the PlanelyLaid Blissful Silk Comfort Set – a fancy combo to make your sleep super comfy. This set has a silky pillowcase, a soft eye mask, and a gentle scrunchie – all made for cozy nights.


  • Feel Super Fancy: Feel like royalty with our silky pillowcase, available in sleek black or chic silver. It’s not just comfy; it keeps your hair happy and your skin smiling.
  • No More Messy Hair: The Silk Pillow Sleep Set is like a dream for your hair. It stops your hair from getting messy and damaged. Wake up with happy, healthy hair – no knots or breaks.
  • Care for Your Hair: Using the silky pillowcase and scrunchies isn’t just comfy; it's like giving your hair a hug. They keep your hair hydrated and strong, especially if it's long.
  • Gentle on Your Eyes and Skin: The silky pillowcase and eye mask are nice to your eyes and skin. No rubbing, no irritation – just comfy sleep.
  • Perfect for Your Travels: If you're always on the go, this set is your travel buddy. Use the silk pillowcase on any pillow for a bit of home comfort. The eye mask guarantees a good night’s sleep wherever you are.
  • Elegance in a Box: The Blissful Silk Comfort Set comes in a fancy box – a perfect treat for yourself or a sweet gift for someone you like. Upgrade your sleep with PlanelyLaid's comfy silk collection. Sleep better because you deserve it!