Explore Ultimate Comfort with PlaneyLaid's Silk Collection

Discover the pinnacle of comfort with PlaneyLaid's Silk Collection. From the innovative SilkSerenity Hooded Neck Pillow to our versatile Pure Comfort Pump-Up Pillow and the Blissful Silk Comfort Set, our products redefine luxury travel.

Whether you're seeking relief from neck pain, a travel neck pillow, or simply the finest in comfort, PlaneyLaid stands out. Dive into the benefits of our silk pillows, designed to provide unparalleled comfort and ensure a soothing journey every time.

Elevate your travel experience with PlaneyLaid – where comfort meets sophistication.

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  • Blissful Silk Comfort Set

    Elegance Redefined in Silk Comfort

    Indulge in the ultimate silk experience – Blissful Silk Comfort Set includes a pillowcase, eye mask, and scrunchie for a touch of luxury.

  • SilkSerenity Hooded Neck Pillow

    Elevate Your Journey with Style and Care

    Innovative and inflatable, SilkSerenity offers unmatched comfort, privacy, and hair care during your travels. Experience elegance on the go.

  • Black pump-up neck pillow

    Pure Comfort Pump-Up Pillow

    Customized Comfort, Anywhere, Anytime

    Adjustable firmness meets portability – Pure Comfort Pump-Up Pillow is your versatile companion for on-the-go relaxation.

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  • Favorite Travel Essential! Convenient, cozy, cute!


    Planelylaid has changed the game with this neck pillow hood combo! I travel often for work and I love that I can just grab my planelylaid bag and know that its not going to be drug or dropped on the dirty airport floors or accidentally left on the plane! I feel so exclusive and luxurious when resting and relaxing on the plane or even in the airport! Ive had so many people inquiring about this exclusive piece!Oh and I also decided to use it off the plane when I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and needed a quick nap after getting makeup and hair done.. I woke up looking flawless and feeling refreshed!

  • Best Travel Pillow


    I recently received a travel pillow as a gift, and it has quickly become my favorite companion to take on trips. It can be conveniently packed in a carry-on or personal bag. I was able to inflate the neck pillow quickly with the self-inflating pump. What I love most about this pillow is the high-quality silk lining that keeps my hair smooth and provides privacy with the hood. This pillow has become my essential travel item, and I make sure to pack it first! Don't hesitate, add it to your cart now so you can enjoy it too!

  • Love my new neck pillow!!


    I absolutely love the travel pillow’s luxurious material! I recently used the pillow on a family flight to a small weekend vacation and it made the journey much more comfortable, ensuring I arrived at our destination refreshed and ready to enjoy our getaway!

  • A Travel Necessity


    This is my new fave travel accessory! I absolutely love the quality of the silk fabric on the oversized hood and the convenience of the pump and portability. I usually always lose my neck pillows but this one is here too stay and well worth every dollar!

  • High Quality Travel Must Have!


    This is my new favorite travel necessity! So easy to pump up and use. Love that I don’t have to care a bulky neck pillow anymore and the quality of this is next level. Silk is amazing!

  • Very impressed and happy user


    I loved the silk lined hood,; feels luxurious. Easy to inflate and deflate. Well made; high quality.
    Helped me to preserve my hair style while providing comfort. I also like the ample size because I could cover my eyes as well which allowed me to block out light and sleep while traveling.