About The Founder

Meet Camille Bright, the visionary force behind PlanelyLaid, also known as Cammi Bright.

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From South Carolina to the Stage:
Camille's Story of Pursuing Her Passion

Hailing from South Carolina, Camille's journey to create the brand started when someone saw the greatness in her products.

From a young age, Camille loved entertaining. At eighteen, she moved to New York City with dreams of making it big, landing commercials and performing in off-Broadway plays.

Confident in her acting, Camille moved to Los Angeles, where she got representation and joined a successful girl group. When the group disbanded, she launched a solo career, working hard to develop her unique sound.

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The Diverse Talents of Camille: Music, TV, and Cooking

As a solo artist, Camille collaborated with Grammy-nominated producers, releasing three singles and earning TV placements. Her music video for "You Tried It" even got nominated for an award.

Beyond music, Camille shines in TV dramas like "A House Divided" and produces her own cooking talk show, "Kicking It in Cammi’s Kitchen."

Camille's energy and determination make her a rising star, and her journey with PlanelyLaid reflects the same commitment to excellence that defines her career.

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How PlanelyLaid Started

Camille developed Planelylaid in the midst of the 2020 Pandemic. Having time to reflect, Camille realized she was living in anxiety, not allowing herself to travel and enjoy life to the fullest due to the fear of missing out on work. During the pandemic, she made a personal promise to live her life to the fullest once the world opened up and desired to inspire others to do the same

.Camille’s mission at Planelylaid is to redefine the way individuals perceive travel and leisure. She is dedicated to promoting a culture where the enjoyment of life is immediate, not postponed. Camille deeply values experiences over everything else, advocating the significance of treating oneself and embracing the moments that matter most. Planelylaid’s goals encompass establishing a robust presence through e-commerce platforms, curating experiences, and products that inspire immediate enjoyment of life. Through these initiatives, Planelylaid aims to empower individuals to savor life, fostering a culture that prioritizes seizing the moment and cherishing unforgettable experiences. With an inclusive approach that emphasizes the richness of black culture, we strive to create a diverse audience, inviting everyone to indulge in the beauty of exploration. At Planelylaid, our impact extends beyond travel; we embody the essence of living life in the present, showcasing the joy of genuine and immersive travel experiences for all to embrace, with products that enhance comfort and convenience for your travel experience.

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